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Curved Blade Ceiling Supply Grille

Aluminum Curved Blade Ceiling Supply Grille

Product Description

    Heavy roll-formed aluminum construction.
    Adjustable curved blade design.
    Frame gasketing to prevent streaking.
    Surface mount, tee-bar lay-in, and tee-bar panel frames.
    Optional face operated opposed blade balancing damper available.


Model Description Submittal
CL1 1-way deflection supply,
long blades
CL1OB 1-way deflection supply,
with damper
CL2 2-way deflection supply,
long blades
CL2OB 2-way deflection supply,
with damper
CL3 3-way deflection supply,
long blades
CL3OB 3-way deflection supply,
with damper
CL4 4-way deflection supply,
long blades
CL4OB 4-way deflection supply,
with damper
CLCL 2-way corner deflection to the left.
CLCR 2-way corner deflection to the right.
Core Styles Core Styles, curved blade
multi-deflection (1, 2, 3, or 4-way deflection)